In Hall 7A, Stand 229, you can find Nubiola’s latest developments.

Products showcased include:

  • NUBIFER Y-7050 and theNUBIFER K Series: High-performing and heat-resistant yellow/beige pigments to get cost-efficient coil, powder and heat-curing coatings.
  • NUBIROX 300 Series: A zinc-free corrosion inhibitor range based on calcium strontium phosphosilicate. It is excellent for glossy water-based DTM coatings due to its low impact on gloss.
  • NUBIFER NB-5970: A micronized black iron oxide with a deep bluish undertone, excellent dispersibility and very high tinting strength.
  • Ultramarine PROTOTYPES that will be commercially available late this year, including a super-reddish ultramarine blue and two new-shade, high-tinting-strength ultramarine violets.