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Croda is introducing three new technologies at Stand 4-464.

  • B-Tough C2x is an epoxy-functional toughening agent for epoxy coatings in protective heavy-duty outdoor coating applications. This novel technology helps epoxy coating formulators to meet demanding outdoor performance properties such as excellent impact resistance, also at lower temperatures. B-Tough C2x can be formulated in both solid and liquid epoxy resin-based systems. In liquid epoxy systems, it brings the flexibility properties of a solid epoxy system while keeping its hardness.
  • Zephrym Color FX is a novel dispersant technology that meets the trend to use high-performance pigments in solventborne formulations. Complex pigments such as carbon black have properties that make them difficult to disperse, which limit their full performance potential. Croda has developed this novel dispersant technology with amine functionality that provides coatings with richer, deeper and truer colors, and additionally offers longer stability and lower viscosity.
  • Priplast 100% bio-based polyester polyols provide durable and strong adhesives and polyurethane dispersions. Croda extends its range of bio-based Priplast building blocks for high-performance polyurethane applications with semi-crystalline and amorphous 100% bio-based polyester polyols. These polyols are suitable for reactive adhesives and high-demanding polyurethane dispersions. The 100% bio-based Priplast products offer low-temperature flexibility, enhanced wetting of low-energy surfaces, improved water repellency and affinity for a wide range of substrates. Furthermore, they bring a unique combination of hydrolytic and thermo-oxidative stability, which is important for applications like sealants, sportswear and automotive adhesives.

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