Evonik Industries is showcasing a variety of deaerators and dispersions at Stand 7A-323. Included are:

  • TEGO® Airex 921 - designed specifically for UV-curable printing inks and coatings for food packaging. The silicone-free product consists completely of raw materials compliant with the A list of Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21, Annex 6. TEGO Airex 921 contains 100% active matter, is free of organic solvents and made of approximately 60% renewable resources. The widely compatible deaerator can be used in clear and pigmented formulations without impact on overprintability and is highly effective. It is offered as part of a new generation of deaerators with an emphasis on modern formulations and resource efficiency.
  • TEGO Airex 922 – already in use in epoxy resin-based floor coatings conforming to AgBB, it is now also recommended for other applications. The solvent-free product is also the most effective silicone-free defoamer for various applications of industrial coatings. TEGO Airex 922 is highly effective both in emission-free and solvent-based high-solids systems based on epoxy, PU and polyaspartics. The high compatibility of the silicone-free product prevents smear films so that overpaintability is excellent. Besides pigmented systems, TEGO Airex 922 is also suitable for use in clearcoats where the highest demands are made on optical properties.
  • TEGO Airex 990 and TEGO Airex 991– represent a new generation of deaerators and defoamers for solventborne high solids coatings. These liquid products contain 100% active substance, are free of organic solvents and are recoatable. This gives the formulator the opportunity to set the solvent content. TEGO Airex 990 is a compatible deaerator for clear and pigmented coatings. Its strength lies in balancing compatibility and effective deaeration. It can be used in all kinds of spray applications. TEGO Airex 991 is a very powerful deaerator for pigmented fillers and topcoats. Due to its outstanding performance against micro- and macrofoam, it can be used in many different systems with particular emphasis on airless, airmix and roller application.
  • TEGO Dispers 757 W – designed for premium pigment concentrates used in all waterborne industrial coatings, but particularly where durability and corrosion protection are paramount. TEGO Dispers 757 W can also be utilized in wood and architectural coatings where there is an emphasis on outstanding humidity, moisture and weathering resistance. Even at low additive levels, dispersion properties such as stability and color strength are significantly enhanced, which leads to cost savings and less influence on coatings properties. Furthermore, TEGO Dispers 757 W enables the production of highly pigmented mill bases, which can result in significant cost savings.