Emeraldhas focused on developing new technology for the coatings industry to meet the need for more environmentally friendly and high-performance materials. At Booth #722, the company is highlighting its newest EMERALD™ additives, resins and colorants:
  •  Verdis™ Dispersions – Zero-VOC, formaldehyde-free, APE-free in-plant dispersions. Available in a standard 12-color palette for coatings, plus additional colors such as  Transoxide® semi-transparent colors for stains.
  •   Lucida Colors™  – Energy-curable pigment dispersions with low odor and excellent handling.  Available in a full 12-color palette for coatings, plus four Transoxide® semi-transparent colors for stains.
  •  FOAM BLAST® 4201 –Zero-VOC, APE-free technology delivers maximum foam control without adversely affecting gloss. Effective/stable from flat to clear, in grind and    let-down.
  •  Kalama® K-FLEX® 975P –Low-VOC coalescents. They offer excellent MFFT  suppression, gloss retention and scrub resistance in coatings formulations.
  •   EPALLOY™ EPN Series –Specialty epoxy resins for premium chemical and   corrosion-resistant coatings.
  •     MASIL® –Specialty silicone additives such as MASIL EM82 and MASIL 160 improve water-proofing, wetting and durability of coatings in challenging applications.
  •    Nychem –Specialty nitrile emulsions.
  •  ·Superlite® – Non-yellowing antioxidants for latex applications.