In Hall 7A, Stand 105, Celanese is showcasing how its Mowilith® brand of emulsions can be used by manufacturers to produce more sustainable coatings solutions. The Mowilith line of emulsions contains a broad portfolio of waterborne dispersions including vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), vinyl-copolymer, pure acrylic and styrene acrylic. Under the theme Safer. Cleaner. Better., Celanese invites formulators to see how select emulsions can better support their sustainability goals such as human and environmental safety, resource efficiency and durability.

According to Mark Murray, Vice President and General Manager at Celanese Emulsion Polymers, Mowilith technology makes it easy for manufacturers to formulate products that satisfy the formulator and end customers’ desire for safer, cleaner and more sustainable coatings. “No matter where you go in the world, consumers are concerned with air quality and how products such as paints and coatings impact the environment. This is why sustainable technologies are increasingly preferred by paint manufacturers, and it is why select Mowilith emulsions increasingly serve as a foundation for sustainable solutions,” said Murray.

Celanese is presenting a variety of products to assist formulators in their quest for safer and cleaner paints. Mowilith LDM 1871 and Mowilith LDM 1852 VAE emulsions can be used to meet the matte to satin gloss range of low-VOC paints. Mowilith LDM 7412, an acrylic emulsion based on core-shell technology, is offered for formulation into coalescent-free (low-VOC), high-gloss paints that offer good block resistance and provide good wet adhesion.

Celanese is also presenting a range of technologies for use in exterior coatings. Mowilith LDM 1865 is a VAE emulsion based on the company’s patented inclusion technology for low-VOC, high-performance exterior masonry paints and plasters. This VAE emulsion, with its inherent flame-retardant characteristics, is often formulated into coatings for use in ETICS systems to improve the sustainability of buildings.

Celanese Emulsions will also highlight its technologies for use in adhesive formulations. Mowilith LDM 1081 is a vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) dispersion for paper packaging and converting adhesives. This emulsion enables the formulation of low-migration adhesives to assist in meeting food-contact regulations.

 Celanese is also featuring products from another one of its businesses. Ticona, Celanese’s engineering polymers business, is presenting innovative structuring additive solutions for protective and industrial coatings. Representatives are available at the booth to discuss their technology.