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MUTTENZ, Switzerland – Specialty chemicals company Clariant has introduced its new EcoTain® approach to sustainable innovation. The EcoTain life cycle and label developed by Clariant is driven by the commitment to protect human, environmental and ecological health without compromising performance and efficiency.

The world population is growing, while the natural resources available for industrial use are limited. As the cost of raw materials has increased, the industry is under increasing pressure to find ways of using fewer raw materials and less energy. At the same time, a growing trend of eco-awareness among consumers has developed, and the demand for more natural, sustainable products is strong.

EcoTain is a systematic approach to sustainable innovation, providing a tangible means of understanding the ecological, economic and social impact of Clariant’s products over the entire value chain. It also supports companies in achieving their targets for sustainability.

Within the framework of a four-step life cycle, EcoTain integrates the principles and ethics of sustainability into business activities according to measurable criteria. The four steps are: sustainable design, responsible process, safe and efficient use, and eco-integration.

Every EcoTain product fulfills the EcoTain requirements over its entire life cycle. Clariant promises that every product carrying the EcoTain label delivers advantages and benefits at each of its four life-cycle steps. The concept is suitable for ingredients and services used for a variety of end-applications.

EcoTain is being systematically rolled out throughout the company. Products in the Crop Protection and Paints & Coatings business lines have already been brought under the EcoTain umbrella; further business lines will follow. New sustainable ingredients are also currently in the pipeline and will soon be launched under the label.