ANN ARBOR, MI – Chemical testing laboratory Avomeen Analytical Services has finished moving into its new location. The new facility is over 25,000 square feet and houses multiple state-of-the-art product testing and development laboratories.

Having a number of custom-built laboratories linked in one central location allows Avomeen to help its clients save time and money by utilizing a single site to complete their entire project. Clients interested in new product development services appreciate that Avomeen’s chemists can perform all of the steps needed in order to turn their original concept or idea into a finished product. Customers that require additional support in bringing their finished formulation to market can utilize Avomeen’s chemists to source raw materials, locate a proper packaging supplier, patent their new formulation, and identify a proper formulation blender to manufacture the finished product on their behalf.

The new complex contains multiple laboratories specifically designed to be segregated, ensuring that cross contamination between stages of analyses and multiple customers’ projects does not occur. The new laboratories include an SEM/EDXA lab, chromatography lab, research and development lab, formulation lab, and a cGMP Pharma lab. Avomeen’s new pharmaceutical laboratory was specifically designed for method development and validation services under cGMP compliance. The testing laboratory continues to maintain its FDA registration and its ability to handle controlled substances through its DEA license for schedule I through V controlled substances.

The new facility is five times the size of the Avomeen’s previous location and allows for even further expansion of the wide range of custom testing services that Avomeen provides. Specific expanded labs were created in order to increase the capabilities of Avomeen’s new product formulation services. Additionally, by May of 2014, Avomeen plans further expansion to include a pre-formulation lab and a CTM or clinical trial-manufacturing lab that will also perform under cGMP compliance.

The new facility is located at 4840 Venture Drive, Ann Arbor, MI.