BOGOTA, Columbia - The Nova Paint Club, which has 11 member companies operating in over 80 countries, met in Bogota, Colombia, on April 20-27 to celebrate 30 years since it was founded in 1983. Andres Ortega, General Manager of Pintuco, part of the Mundial Group, hosted the event.

Pacific Paint (Boysen) became the newest member after being elected to full membership at the Bogota meeting. Boysen is the market leader in the Philippines.

The group held a marketing meeting in Bogota to discuss expanding the recent collaboration projects on color trends, common color documentation and sustainability. It also planned future areas where the group can work productively together.

The Nova board met to talk about key trends in the global paint market and attend presentations. The keynote speaker was Professor Antas Mokus, who spoke on “Peaceful Co-Existence Applied to Companies.” The board then visited Pintuco’s franchise stores around Bogota.

The meeting in Colombia represented former Nova President and Executive Member Joao Serrenho’s final appearance on the Nova executive committee. Andres Ortega of Pintuco was elected in Serrenho’s place. Serrenho was given the Nova gold and diamond pin, becoming the first person to receive the group’s highest award.

Barnices Valentine will host the next board meeting in October 2013 in Madrid, Spain. It will be held alongside a meeting of Nova's technical directors.

The Nova Paint Club currently has 11 core members with their main operations based in Argentina (Sinteplast SA), Canada (Cloverdale Paint Inc.), Colombia (Pintuco), Germany (Votteler Lackfabrik GmbH & Co.), Greece (Druckfarben Hellas SA), India (Asian Paints), Israel (Tambour Ltd), The Philippines (Boysen), Portugal (CIN SA), Spain (Barnices Valentine S.A.) and the United States (Vogel Paint Inc.).