NEW YORK - is offering a new research report that analyzes the global nanotechnology market.

Nanotechnology has been one of the greatest impetuses to technological and industrial development in the 21st century and is seen as the resource for the next industrial revolution. The evolving technology has already influenced a large number of industrial segments, and the economic activity generated from it has been high in magnitude and wide in scope. Nanotechnology-based products, which have had a huge impact on almost every industrial sector, are now entering the consumer market in a big way.

In its latest research study, Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2017, RNCOS' analysts report that the global nanotechnology industry has been growing at a rapid pace with rising applications in sectors like electronics, energy and healthcare. In addition, products such as nanotechnology-based thin-film solar cells with high efficiency and nanomaterials with higher strength, as well as robust growth in the nanofibers and nanomedicine markets, are expanding growth in this industry. Considering those factors, the report estimates that the global nanotechnology market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 19 percent during 2013-2017.

In the report, analysts have studied the nanotechnology market by application, by component and by region. On the application front, they have analyzed nanotechnology use in the electronics, energy, cosmetics, medical and defense sectors. In addition, they have covered the current nanotechnology market and forecast for each of the above-mentioned segments until 2017. In terms of components, the nanotechnology market can be segregated into nanomaterials, nanotools and nanodevices. The report covers present and future shares in the market for these components.

Country-level analysis discusses the nanotechnology market in major countries such as the United States, Germany, France, the UK and Russia. The report looks at current growth drivers and future directions for each nation. In addition, it covers a nanotechnology patent analysis, including number of patent publications and global top assignees of nanotechnology patent literature.

The report also looks at global R&D funding for the nanotechnology industry, including corporate, public and venture capital funding along with their forecasts. The report also covers country-level analysis of R&D funding to provide in-depth understanding about investments related to nanotechnology. It also includes profiles of key industry players, such as Altair, Nanophase Tech and Nanosys, among others.

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