MINNEAPOLIS - The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) is offering a two-day short course about hot melt adhesives on October 21-22, 2013, in Minneapolis. The event is co-located with the 2013 ASC Fall Convention, which takes place October 21-23.

This course presents formulation strategies based on application and performance requirements for a variety of hot melt adhesive markets. Participants will learn how plasticizers, tackifiers and waxes are used to enhance base polymers for optimized processing and properties, and how to evaluate thermo-mechanical and mechanical behavior of hot melts and resulting bonded assemblies.

The course is ideal for anyone involved with selecting, formulating and/or implementing hot melt adhesive technology for specific applications. Sales, product managers and marketing professionals would also benefit by learning about the depth of additive options available for tailored solutions to product requirements.

Participants are invited to attend the ASC EXPO at no additional charge. For additional information, visit www.ascouncil.org/events. For questions, contact Connie Howe at 301/986.9700 x104 or connie.howe@ascouncil.org.