SHANGHAI – The Plasma Coatings division of American Roller Co., Union Grove, WI, announced the start of production at its new facility located in the Baoshan District, Shanghai, China. ARC (Shanghai) Engineered Products Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned foreign enterprise of the parent company American Roller.

The company’s Board of Directors approved the investment in January after years of discussion with key U.S. customers who were expanding in Asia and seeking a continuation of the company’s high-valued coatings and services. Former American Roller CFO Larry Vogus, who died suddenly in his Shanghai apartment just weeks before the startup, led the expansion initiative.

“This is the company’s 75th anniversary, and Larry Vogus is an important part of our history,” said President Dan Cahalane. “While I am excited to see our operations commence this week in Shanghai, there is some sadness that Larry isn’t with us to see his hard work realized.”

The company plans to hold a grand opening ceremony in September in Shanghai, to recognize the new production capability in the region and to honor the leadership and memory of Vogus.

The new facility provides surface enhancement coatings on parts and equipment used is a wide variety of converting and packing manufacturing operations.