TORONTO – With the April 2013 acquisition of AkzoNobel’s North American architectural coatings business by PPG Industries, customers can now purchase PPG Protective and Marine Coatings (PMC) products at DULUX®Paint stores across Canada. This is the first time PPG PMC products are available through stores in Canada.

PPG PMC products, such as the AMERCOAT® and PPG High Performance Coatings product lines, are designed to protect and preserve customers’ assets in a range of industries that includes petrochemical, civil infrastructure, power and marine applications.

PPG PMC’s extensive Amercoat line – featuring PSX® 700 polysiloxane topcoat – is internationally recognized for its ability to resist abrasion, sustain extreme weather conditions and minimize rust. The patented polysiloxane technology of PSX products, which offers a wide color range and low VOCs, is used around the world to protect water towers, roller coasters, bridges, storage tanks and other steel assets.

The Peace Bridge connecting Fort Erie, Ontario, and Buffalo, NY, was coated in PSX 700 products more than a decade ago and still looks good today despite brutal winters and humid summers. Earlier this year, the topsides of the U.S.S. Freedom, the lead ship of the U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ships, were repainted using Amercoat 240 edge-retentive epoxy and PSX 700 coatings.

The PPG High Performance Coatings line includes PITT-TECH™ products, recognized in 2012 for their role in helping restore and protect the U.S. Capitol Dome in Washington, DC.

Dulux Paint stores are distributing PPG PMC products through nearly 250 locations across Canada, leveraging the expertise of PPG PMC technical and specification experts to serve customers, allowing for quick and flexible delivery.