VERNON HILLS, IL – Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands has launched a new app for iPhones and iPads that makes choosing industrial maintenance coatings fast and easy.

A guided search allows users to answer a few basic questions using predetermined choices. Questions such as “What type of surface do you need to paint?” and “What are the exposure conditions?” are examples. The app then returns a selection of Rust-Oleum industrial coatings that match the search criteria. The user can then review product features and browse technical specifications to choose the desired coating. Once a coating is chosen, a color is then selected and the information saved under a project name. The app also allows the user to add a photo to the project for future reference.        

The product information is then saved to the device, or can be shared via e-mail complete with product and project details, shared on FaceBook or Twitter, or simply saved to the My Projects folder. Paint Pro also features a “where-to-buy” map to help users locate a Rust-Oleum distributor based on geographic location.

 PaintPro is available on the iTunes app store by searching Rust-Oleum or at the following link: