OKLAHOMA CITY – CeralUSA LLC, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly coatings for the aerospace, power generation, and oil and gas industries, has signed a representation agreement with industry expert Ted Traynor to market the company’s products.

Traynor has over 40 years of sales, marketing and business development experience in all aspects of the gas turbine industry. He has served as Marketing Manager for Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, an OEM involved in adapting aero engines for power generation and pipeline transmission operation. Prior to that, Traynor served as Sales Manager for Westinghouse Power Generation, an industrial OEM involved in the sale of large turbine power plants.

Traynor will continue in his role as Business Development Consultant for CeralUSA’s joint venture partner, Liburdi Turbine Services of Dundas, Ontario, promoting its specialized line of erosion-resistant compressor coatings and advanced repairs for turbine life extension. Traynor’s role at CeralUSA will strengthen the synergy between the companies’ complementary product lines.