LEVERKUSEN, Germany – With the latest equipment for product development and the expansion of its production capacity, materials manufacturer Bayer MaterialScience continues to adapt to the needs of key sectors such as the automotive and construction industries. At its headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany, the company has outfitted a technical center for the advancement of premium foams with ultra-modern machines and systems. An additional production plant was brought on stream for coating raw materials, another global growth market. The company's total investment in both of these facilities is more than €45 million.

To meet the rising demand for coating and adhesive raw materials, Bayer MaterialScience is expanding production capacity for the precursors HDI and IPDI, which are based on polyurethanes. The company invested a year and a half and €35 million in the construction of a newly commissioned multipurpose plant in Leverkusen that can produce either of the raw materials depending on demand. The process is very environmentally compatible and highly efficient.