WAUSAU, WI – Paint and anodize finisher Linetec, Wausau, WI, has built a 30,000-square-foot addition to its facility in Wausau, WI. The extra space will allow the company to streamline processes and enhance efficiencies, and warehouse space will also increase. To support the addition and growth of its business, the company is also increasing its anodize staff by more than 10 percent.

By January 2014, a 33 percent increase in capacity for anodize finishing of architectural aluminum will be on line and available. Examples of customers’ products include window and door systems, storefront framing, sun shades, light shelves, canopies, column covers, panels, and flat sheets. According to Linetec’s President, Rick Marshall, the addition is the company’s sixth building expansion in the past 10 years.

Unlike other finishes, anodizing highlights aluminum’s metallic appearance. Because it is an integral part of the substrate, the anodic coating results in a hard, durable substance providing excellent wear and abrasion resistance with minimal maintenance. Linetec also pioneered environmental innovations in anodize that resulted in its eco-friendly anodize process. Compared with traditional anodize, Linetec’s process reduces waste by as much as 90 percent, decreases energy use, creates recyclable byproducts. and enhances the durability and lifecycle of the finished product.

In addition to expanding its capacity, Linetec also expanded its geographic reach. Earlier this year, it added more service and distribution routes, including its first regular route to Toronto, Canada.