Liquiguard Technologies Inc. is offering Liquiguard CC, a single-component coating that protects electronic devices and printed circuit assemblies from damage caused by moisture, water, beverages, non-corrosive liquids and even mild solvents. It will continue to protect the electronic device for up to several minutes in the event it becomes fully submerged in water or other non-corrosive liquids. Its strong adhesion to the coated surface enhances shock-resistance. And loose components and debris are stabilized, preventing damage to the circuitry. It replaces conformal solvent-based coatings that have fumes, odors and high VOC’s, which require worker protection in the form of spray booths, protective clothing and ventilation.

Suited for all types electronics encountered in everyday use and marine and aerospace environments, the coating also prevents corrosion and failure of electrical connections in outdoor light fixtures. Long-term stability of the fully cured film is excellent with a temperature tolerance range between 14 °F to 275 °F. A coating thickness of 1.5 to 2.0 mil will provide optimal protection, which facilitates service and repairs by eliminating the need to strip the coating prior to soldering. It can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping using conventional equipment. The coating becomes tack free in less than 15 minutes at ambient temperature of about 77 °F. Full cure for optimal protection requires 48 to 72 hours.