The Prima Protect™ conformal coating solution matches the performance of parylene coatings on critical electronics. The molecular structure of CC7130-PR has many similarities to parylene but is supplied in a solvent-based coating. This coatable "parylene-like" hydrophobic conformal coating can be used as substitution and replacement of standard vacuum-deposited parylene. It has extreme low surface tension like that of parylene and provides outstanding moisture and water barrier to electronic and electrical devices used outdoors or near the sea with salt-fog exposure.

CC7130-PR is a flexible coating that does not generate stress on electronic devices even at -55 ˚C while maintaining its molecular structure at high temperature (up to 150 ˚C and more) and can be removed with suitable stripper solvent.

Besides traditional printed circuit board protection, CC7130-PR is also ideal as a moisture barrier coating on critical infrastructure components such as electrical power stations needing protection against corrosion in high-voltage contact points. Electrical switches and other controlling electronics in industrial environments require protective coatings that can protect against degradation induced by "acid rain." Additionally, it can be used in outdoor electronics such as those under the hood of automobiles, LED displays and solar energy converters that require extended moisture protection.