EXTON, PA – The Dow Chemical Co.’s (Dow) Nancy Fazzoni has won the Elemica Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to Elemica’s growth in the chemical marketplace. Fazzoni is receiving this award as she retires from Dow after 26 years. In her latest position as the Product Manager in eCommerce, Fazzoni worked closely with Elemica to champion Dow’s e-business strategy. Elemica’s set of technical functionality and implementation management tools helps Dow handle the variability in partners’ connectivity and messaging requirements.

“Nancy was instrumental in the first connection of Dow to its e-business partners via the Elemica network and has been active as an e-champion in the Elemica network since inception,” said Rick Bushnell, VP Strategic Accounts at Elemica. “She is recognized as a thought leader in the industry and worked diligently to foster the Elemica-Dow relationship. As she is retiring from The Dow Chemical Company, we’d like to recognize her with a Lifetime Achievement Award and thank her for her tireless efforts of promoting e-business across the chemical industry supply chain.”

Throughout her Dow career, Fazzoni worked in a variety of roles in the e-business area, serving as a Lead Architect Specialist and Product Manager in eCommerce. She had leadership roles in multiple projects including M&A activity and NEA. Fazzoni was a founding member of the Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX), a standards organization that supports and maintains the Chem eStandards for standardized message exchange, since its inception and was also an advocate of standards in multiple forums in numerous industries, such as automotive and agrochemicals.