KEMP, TX – Larson Electronics announced that effective December 20, 2013, the company has discontinued its smaller brands, including the Magnalight brand, in order to focus on the global Larson Electronics brand. The name change reflects the broad product range and growth of Larson Electronics.

Larson Electronics founder Ernie Larson established the Magnalight spotlight brand in 1973, and those handheld magnetic lights have been a staple of the utility industry and various federal, local and state governments and municipalities for over 40 years. Comcast, PG&E, Time Warner and a host of federal, state and local government agencies use the Magnalight handheld magnetic-base spotlights on work vehicles because they are tough, versatile and reliable.

In the past 40 years, Larson Electronics has also become a global player in the manufacturing and distribution of explosion-proof lighting, hazardous-location lighting, mobile light towers, power distribution and LED lighting technologies. With Larson’s scope of industrial lighting, power distribution, LED lighting and hunting lights, the Larson Electronics brand now more aptly characterizes the wide array of products.

“Forty years ago when Larson Electronics started, we made only handheld magnetic spotlights, and the Magnalight name made sense. While today, we make everything from portable solar light towers to three-phase power distribution systems,” said Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. “We feel the Larson Electronics name better encompasses all of our products offerings.”

Larson Electronics will continue to manufacture and distribute parts for the Magnalight-branded product line and will honor any current warranties or guarantees for its products.