ICA Group is continually evolving, with a focus on the latest design trends and on the requirements flagged up by designers and architects. The company’s R&D laboratory has dedicated its energies to the development of wood coatings with a distinctly metropolitan flavor.

The Urban Matter range – composed of high-impact, material-like effects – embodies a style that's at once contemporary, refined, realistic and "imperfect" (due to the deliberate unevenness of the coated surface). It's a style that's very much inspired by the everyday. Using this range, it is possible to produce surfaces with cement and Corten effects, retaining the rough appearance of the material being simulated while also offering the warmth to the touch that only wood can provide.

Cement Effect

An industrial look and “powdery” colors characterize the cement-effect finish. The range encompasses three gray tones, which are the fruit of ICA Group's research into the latest trends in contemporary interior design.

The effect is produced through a coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper) that combines the use of the water-based basecoat, mixed using a spatula, with the special-effect Vellumatt, in three different shades. The effect, which is comparable to cement, is very smooth to the touch and offers good chemical and physical resistance.

Corten Effect

This effect embodies a contemporary style that is even more "lived-in", with an uneven surface characterized by light and dark nuances that reproduce the deep coloration of natural Corten steel.

The effect is produced through a coating cycle, on MDF panels or melamine paper, which combines the matt black basecoat with water-based aging agents, flower yellow and oxide red, with the color movement being generated by means of a jet of compressed air on the coated surface. The unique effect can be created by adjusting the compressed-air jet, the color tone of the polyurethane matt base, and of the aging agents. It offers excellent resistance to light and the warmth of wood.

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