SHANGHAI – Axalta Coating Systems has been awarded a project to coat the recently refurbished trains of the Beijing subway. The project started in November 2013 and will encompass one of the most popular Beijing Subway lines, consisting of more than 300 rail cars. The refurbished trains, nicknamed “Blue Cat” for the distinctive blue color and striking similarity to a cat, will cross the city from east to west and hit speeds of up to 80km/h.

With 231 stations in total, the Beijing subway is one of the world’s busiest subway systems, stretching 395 km, and with an average 10 million passengers daily.

Axalta’s Rail product will be used to coat the refurbished Blue Cat trains. “Axalta prides itself on producing coatings designed to retain brilliant color and gloss while withstanding the forces of nature and frequent users. Our Rail coatings will help Beijing’s subway systems retain its colorful finish for many years to come,” said Weiguo Lu, Director of Industrial Coatings Business, Axalta Greater China.