STRATHROY, Ontario – Set over the Bow River in the town of Banff, Alberta, Canada, the Bow River Pedestrian Bridge, with a clear span of 80 meters, is considered the longest timber bridge of its kind. Two specially selected Sansin Enviro stains were chosen to protect the bridge’s wood structures.

Two 40 meter tapered haunch girders, cantilevering from either side to support a central 34-meter suspended span, formed the bridge. A replaceable, modular timber deck sits atop twinned, arched glulam wooden beams that form part of the span across the Bow River. Because vibration is a key consideration when constructing long-span footbridge structures, the designer developed a unique “tuned mass damper” system that enabled the use of wood for the low-profile structure.

Wood decking was selected to allow drainage and reduce build-up of snow and ice in the winter. The 113 timber deck panels are removable for easy access to newly installed pipes running underneath them.

In an area known for snow and ice, StructureCraft Builders, the general contractor and project designer, wanted a durable wood finish that could protect the timber features and highlight the beauty of the wood.

“The Bow River Pedestrian Bridge is a sight to behold and is a testament to the design acumen of StructureCraft Builders,” said Sjoerd Bos, Sansin Vice President. “Once again, wood proves itself to be a durable, environmentally friendly and stunning choice in construction.”

For the first coat of the bridge, Sansin KP11-S™ was used. It is a ready-to-use, penetrating, low-VOC coating that provides a long-term protective undercoat for millwork and wood products that are subject to wet conditions. It is designed to reduce swelling, wood rot and moisture absorption. For the second and third coats, Sansin SDF™ Top Coat was used. This is a high solids version of its flagship SDF product, which can be used as an impenetrable maintenance coat, offering maximum protection from discoloration, UV degradation and water staining.