EXTON, PA – DSM has launched a new facility to offer coating services for its ComfortCoat® coating technologies. As a strategic partner to medical device makers, DSM offers a full suite of coating application processes, which include coating, testing, packaging and labeling as well as additional customized processes such as cutting.

DSM differentiates itself from other coating solution providers through its global customer support team. Expert representatives work directly with device makers on each individual project. The company’s technical and application support positively impacts time-to-market for medical device manufacturers. DSM has a fundamental and molecular understanding of both the chemical science and the application processes used in the company’s coating technologies since it also develops and manufactures the medical coatings. These coatings are applied on numerous types of interventional devices in cardiology, urology and other clinical fields. By keeping all of the steps involved in formulation and application within the same organization, device makers gain an advantage through streamlined processes and first-hand knowledge.

DSM uses equipment operated in an ISO class 8 clean room and a quality management system that is compliant with ISO 13485 standards. The biomedical practice, with its ISO certification, is consistently able to meet customer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services. DSM coats medical device parts using a dip coating process and offers UV curing to instantly dry coatings.

To see DSM’s coating process in action, watch a youtube video on the company’s website.