DeFelsko Corp. has released the PosiTector® RTR replica tape reader, a new digital spring micrometer that measures peak-to-valley surface profile height using Testex™ Press-O-Film™ Replica Tape.

The replica tape method of measuring surface profile is simple, rugged and has good repeatability with relatively low start-up cost. However, conventional micrometer measurements of tape are least accurate at the outer ends of each tape’s range and that is why two tape grade measurements are often averaged.

The PosiTector RTR measures with improved accuracy over conventional micrometers because it adjusts for tape non-linearity. Advantages include the retention of a digital record and a reduction in measurement uncertainty, inspector workload, the likelihood of error and the number of replicas needed to assure accuracy.

The PosiTector RTR conforms to all major international standards including ASTM D4417, SSPC-PA 17, NACE RP0287, ISO 8503-5 and others.

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