CLEVELAND – Dutch Boy announced its 2014 color trends forecast that sets the stage for new days ahead. Titled Awaken, the collection of colors represents a renewed commitment to the environment. It’s comprised of four distinct palettes – Gather, Connect, Explore and Serene –encouraging consumers to surround themselves with an overall positive synergy through color.


With a heightened push for farm-to-table living, it's no surprise the Gather collection features hues gathered from the farmer’s market and fields. The colors bring an organic and familiar feeling, infused with bright new energy. The Gather palette includes: Flaming Torch C2-1; Pimpernel A17-1; Colonial Cobblestone B13-3; Cider B7-1; Stonewall Jackson F15-3; Glass Block Green D7-4; Northern Places E7-3; and Jalapeño D11-1.


Our world is intrinsically connected in a global tapestry. Old traditions stand tall as new ones emerge. Bold patterns and palettes come together with classic heritage colors and time-honored traditions, balancing one another with an irresistible blend of cool and warm tones. The Connect palette includes: Go Blue E20-1; Court Jester B21-1; Sedona Dust C12-4; Swamp Fog D5-2; Crimson Sky A26-1; Preserves F13-1; Hunter Green E11-1; and October Leaves C6-2.


Our minds are always reaching for new ideas from new places. We are seekers of the unknown and explore to find the next discovery. Our quest ends with uncovering mysterious colors complemented by unexpected bright shades. The Explore palette includes: Ultra White C4-4; Mosaic Tiles E25-1; Dhurrie Pink A8-3; Yazoo City Yellow C24-2; Down-to-Earth Red A5-1; Half Moon Bay E4-3; Prairie Purple F20-3; and Chanson Bleu E17-1.


Seeking a sense of serenity, inner peace and acceptance, we have come to realize all actions have consequences – both positive and negative. Knowing this, the Serene palette reflects relationships that are secure and sincere and creates spaces that feel balanced and calm. The Serene palette includes: Sandbar White C11-4; Slight Yellow C26-3; Delicate Pink A9-4; Fieldhouse D22-3; Coldwater E18-3; Sheet Metal F15-2; Sewing Bee B1-4; and Baseball Mitt B8-2.

Dutch Boy’s Awaken collection of colors brings to life a new and exciting way to look at the world. The palettes merge cultural influences and connect common with unfamiliar. Building on its reputation as a color authority and knowledge of the latest developments, Dutch Boy is confident its 2014 Color Trends provide a positive foundation for inspired designs that will reinvigorate your everyday surroundings.

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Founded in 1907, Dutch Boy, a part of The Sherwin-Williams Co. Diversified Brands Division, continues to be an industry leader in delivering innovative and high-quality paint products and packaging solutions.