As home and workspace aesthetics continue to embrace feelings of safety, harmony, and comfort, relaxing and restorative paint colors — united with simple do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions — are in demand now more than ever. With consumers craving soothing simplicity and serenity in their most-loved spaces, Dutch Boy® Paints unveils its 2023 Color of the Year: Rustic Greige, a neutral that adds a touch of sophistication to any room and can be applied with just a single coat.   

“The importance of overall well-being remains a primary focus in everyday lives,” said Ashley Banbury, NCIDQ and senior color designer, Dutch Boy® Paints. “That’s why more DIYers are dedicating time and energy to designing personal spaces that make them feel cozy, protected, and calm. Dutch Boy Paints’ 2023 one-coat color of the year — the beautiful, versatile Rustic Greige — is all about the need to escape, relax, and recharge. It’s about retreating to a calmer, simpler lifestyle inspired by the peace and clarity of tones derived from nature.”

The medium-toned neutral color with a slight red undertone balances this sense of coziness and safety with a look that’s both worldly and charming. Revealing the illusion of being slightly washed, Rustic Greige is incredibly versatile, complementing both warm and cool color tones, as well as existing wood furniture and fixtures in both interior and exterior spaces.  

Dutch Boy brand’s Rustic Greige — and all the shades in the complementing 2023 color palettes — can be applied in one smooth coat, setting it apart from traditional color of the year selections and making the process of transforming spaces simpler for DIYers. The brand’s tested one-coat colors deliver optimal hide with just a single coat, helping achieve a flawlessly finished project in three easy steps: (1) choosing a favorite one-coat color with premium paint; (2) pairing it with premium applicators; and (3) using the recommended technique to apply with confidence. 

Rustic Greige (404-4DB) serves as the grounding color for three expertly crafted color palettes in the 2023 color trend forecast. By building on and playing off the neutral, natural tones of Rustic Greige, these corresponding hues deliver a layered look that’s comforting and sophisticated, while also embracing DIYers’ own unique design styles:

  • Plush Palette: The Plush Palette elevates a room with a newfound sense of luxury that promotes mental, emotional, and spiritual health with soft, minimal shades, including Ultra White (002W), Silvered Purple (446-4DB), and Ebony Sky (438-6DB).
  • Wistful Palette: This color combination finds inspiration in the vintage and nostalgic. The creation of spaces unique to our own lives provides a nurturing refuge in which we can construct imaginative and restorative environments using soft, eclectic colors like Maize (317-3DB), Superhero (237-6DB), and energizing Glamorized Green (328-4DB). 
  • Botanic Palette: True to its name, the Botanic collection is rooted in heritage inspired by shades both warm and sun-kissed, romantic and floral. Tapping into our need to bring color from the outside in, Rustic Greige is the foundational neutral that ties Amber Wood (409-4DB), Industrialized (434-5DB), and Limestone Slate (422-6DB) together in expressions that are soulful, joyful and creative. 

“Dutch Boy’s 2023 color trend forecast is strongly rooted in the new ways we are experiencing life, nature, and one another,” said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager, Dutch Boy Paints. “They’re warm, yet bold; dependable, yet creative; and inspirational, yet soothing for mind, body, and soul. These color palettes are also easily customizable to complement the personal style and preference of DIYers everywhere, allowing for the celebration of the past while looking toward the future.” 

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