WEST CHESTER, PA – A. Duie Pyle, a provider of asset-based supply chain solutions and transportation in the Northeast, is helping customers combat arctic weather and heavy snowstorms with its protect-from-freeze program. The program ensures that all identified shipments are protected and delivered safely.

The 2013-2014 winter season has been reported as one of the coldest winters this century. With arctic-like temperatures hitting Northeastern supply chains, the protection of truckload and less-than-truckload shipments consisting of water-based solutions has become a large concern. With on-time delivery on the line, dependability and protection have become a necessity, especially during the winter months.

“This winter has been challenging to say the least,” said Evan Stensrud, Senior Transportation Manager at Valspar Transportation. “A. Duie Pyle’s commitment to service freeze-protect shipments throughout the Northeast was critical in meeting production schedules and customer demands. Valspar Transportation’s long-term vision is to deliver service excellence by developing strong business partnerships with our core carriers. A. Duie Pyle solidified their place as one of Valspar’s preferred carriers in the Northeast for years to come.”

A. Duie Pyle adds dependability to the winter shipping season with 24/7 all-weather capabilities, heated/insulated trailers, thermal blanket protection and temperature-sensitive load planning software. All Pyle Service Centers are fully heated for additional protection, and each service center is equipped with independent emergency power sources to ensure PFF (protect from freezing) through any event. The company has also installed on-site, company-owned snow removal equipment to quickly and safely remove accumulated snow/ice from trailer roofs.