ENGLEWOOD, CO – A new specification option out of the paint industry is available through a strategic alliance forged among nine regional coatings manufacturers: The National Paint Alliance (NPA).

For the first time national accounts, their specifiers and buyers – from architects to supply chain managers – don’t have to depend on a one-formulation-fits-all scenario for their coatings needs. The NPA provides access to comprehensive coatings portfolios, each formulated to perform in varied regional conditions. Extensive professional field support ensures that each job has the best product specified to deliver the best outcome.

The nine manufacturers that form the alliance include: Miller Paint in Portland, OR; Kelly-Moore Paint in San Carlos, CA; Dunn-Edwards Paints in Los Angeles, CA; Diamond Vogel Paint in Orange City, IA; Farrell-Calhoun Paint in Memphis, TN; O’Leary Paint in Lansing, MI; McCormick Paint in Rockville, MD; SunColor Paints in Orlando, FL; and Cloverdale Paint in Surrey, British Columbia.

Economists recognize that local businesses are the engine that drives the economy and job generation. According to Jeff Child, Executive Director of the newly minted NPA, this translates into several tangible benefits for companies working with the NPA. “These regional manufacturers have built their business on high-quality, price-competitive products and the ability to react to their customers needs in a very nimble manner. Support of these manufacturers clearly illustrates the national accounts’ commitment to the local communities in which they do business.”

 “The National Paint Alliance understands the marketplace dynamics and the need for performance-proven regional formulations along with local expertise and rapid response,” said Child. “Meetings with a breadth of national account managers allowed us to determine that national chains – from Target to Wal-Mart, from Hilton Hotels to Marriott International, and from Cushman & Wakefield to Winn Companies – are limited in their ability to specify anything other than coatings from a national product portfolio.

 “It is clear that the NPA’s regionally diverse group of member manufacturers are successful based upon their deep understanding of their home geography – they formulate and manufacture world-class coatings tailored to the structures’ needs. Collectively, through the NPA, they cross-pollinate their knowledge and expertise so that a national chain can now have the best possible coating for each of their buildings, no matter where they are located, while receiving the best service and local trouble shooting,” said Child.

The NPA member manufacturers, with a combined 400 field representatives, 16 manufacturing facilities, and 520 retail stores across the United States and Canada, offer a coordinated, regionally formulated and manufactured portfolio of coatings that provide superior performance and durability. Child stressed that the NPA products are “the better alternative” to a national formulation marketed to fit all environments.

Child further shared that “no longer will specifiers, including the architects who start the specification process at the very beginning of a construction project, have to depend on a one-size-fits-all scenario for their paint and coatings requirements.”

“Color expertise abounds across all of the NPA member companies – each guarantees exact color matches and 100 percent color fidelity to whatever national manufacturers’ color is specified,” said Child. “Computer color matching is an industry standard, and each of the NPA members have extensive color expertise, with, collectively, some of the best color formulators in the industry on their staffs.

“And, of course, their expertise and understanding of regional color preferences and how local environmental conditions, especially natural light, impacts the reading of color in their regions, is the backbone of their color counsel,” Childs noted.

The comprehensive, combined product portfolio and local field support provided by the nine regional manufacturers allow them to offer coordinated coatings to their customers.

For further information on the National Paint Alliance visit www.nationalpaintalliance.com