NANOMYTE® TC?5001, a nanotechnology-enabled, single component, clear coating from NEI Corp., is designed to protect zinc?plated and galvanized steel surfaces from rusting under severe environmental and operating conditions. Applications of the coating technology include protecting outdoor structures (e.g., electrical grid structures, street lights and lattice beams), hardware (e.g., rods, pipes, nuts, bolts and screws), automotive components and farming equipment. It is amenable to dipping, brushing and spray coating.

The dense barrier coating can be used as a stand-alone coating, as well as in combination with NANOMYTE PT-100, a self-healing conversion coating. In salt-spray tests (SST, ASTM B117), uncoated zinc-plated steel bolts exhibited white rust in 24 hours and red rust after 168 hours. In contrast, the NANOMYTE coating provided significant corrosion protection, even after 504 hours of SST. Typically, TC-5001-coated parts show no white rust even after 1000 hours and no red rust even after 1200 hours. SST can be used in conjunction with field testing and online life predictors for coatings on HDG, as prescribed by the American Galvanizers Association (AGA).

This coating is part of NEI’s expanding portfolio of anti-corrosion coating systems, including pretreatments and topcoats that protect steel, aluminum and magnesium from corrosion. The coatings are economical, easy to use, and provide excellent corrosion resistance compared to state-of-the art offerings.