BRUSSELS – A new website,, helps users discover the many uses epoxy resins have in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. Launched by the Epoxy Resins Committee, a member of the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (PlasticsEurope), the site conveys a wealth of in-depth information about the chemistry, unique properties and applications of epoxy resins.

Under the title “Epoxy: Tomorrow’s technology, today,” visitors can navigate through the gallery and read about epoxy’s economic and technical contributions to the European economy. A quiz has been launched to test visitors’ knowledge about some of the most interesting and unexpected facts related to these resins. The site also contains a glossary and FAQ section, as well as a number of downloadable factsheets.

Epoxy resins are a large class of widely used synthetic resin, enhancing the durability, reliability and safety of many industrial and commercial applications. They are used as coatings and reinforcing components for cars, planes, floors, pipes, space crafts, household appliances and others, putting them at the front of innovation on a wide range of sectors.