Coatex is featuring its innovative and robust range of dispersing agents and thickeners at Booth 2204. Coatex offers a complete portfolio of waterborne synthetic rheology modifiers and dispersants specifically designed for easy formulation and to bring enhanced performance properties throughout the product life cycle.

Dispersant Technologies

·Ecodis™: recommended when both outstanding shelf life and cost/performance ratio are required.

·Coadis™: designed to meet specific requirements of coatings such as gloss, corrosion or scrub resistance.

·Rheology Modifiers (HEUR) and (HASE & ASE).

·Coapur™: associative polyurethane thickeners that cover a broad spectrum of rheology profiles, delivering exceptional flow and leveling behavior.

·Rheotech™: a range of associative acrylic thickeners to match the variety of performance requirements faced by the coatings formulator. In-can appearance, syneresis control, outstanding thickening effectiveness and excellent environment profiles are key properties.

Coatex is also presenting three of its latest technology innovations at the American Coatings Congress. On Tuesday, April 8th, Dr. Denis Ruhlmann, Coatex SAS, presented “Exploring Next Generation Methods in TiO2 Optimization” and Mehdi Bouzid, Coatex Inc., presented “Breakthrough Rheology Modifier for Zero-VOC Paints: Coapur™ 975 W.” Today at 3:20 p.m., Alexandra Foguth, Coatex Inc., will present “Latest Addition to the Toolbox for TiO2 Dispersion: Coadis™ 144 A.”