Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is presenting an expanded offering of products and services for the paint and coatings industry at Booth #2928. Three business units – Inorganic Pigments, Material Protection Products and Urethane Systems – have come together to present their portfolios, which include high-performance pigments, biocides and now urethane materials for a range of applications.


New Generation of Iron Oxide Red Pigments on the Market

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments (IPG) is introducing its new product range of red iron oxide pigments. The new grades, Bayferrox® 510, Bayferrox TP 5278 and Bayferrox TP 5279, satisfy demand for more yellow-shade red pigments. At the same time, they are produced by the Ningbo process, a uniquely sustainable manufacturing method based on patented technology that meets the most stringent environmental standards.

Performance-wise, the new red grades meet the high standards of the well-known Bayferrox brand and provide unique benefits for paints and coatings producers. Some of those product characteristics include high chromaticity and tinting strength, good optical appearance with respect to gloss and haze, and optimized milling parameters for easy dispersability even at low-shear energy input. Additionally, the Ningbo process significantly reduces the residual, water-soluble salt content of the pigments, making them suitable for corrosion-resistant coatings.


New Business Unit: Urethane Systems

With the 2017 acquisition of Chemtura Corporation, LANXESS is now a leading global supplier of urethane systems for a range of applications. At the ACS, the new LANXESS Urethanes Systems (URE) business unit will be highlighting its portfolio of Witcobond® polyurethane dispersions, Fomrez® polyester polyols, and Trixene® urethane prepolymers for the paint and coatings industry.

Water-based polyurethane dispersions from the Witcobond line provide a full range of polymer properties in terms of toughness, hardness, flexibility, weatherability and overall durability for industrial coatings, leather and textile coatings and finishes, and plastic coatings. Additionally, they enable formulators to comply with increasingly demanding regulations on VOC, effluents and other potentially harmful components.

Fomrez polyester polyols lend themselves to surface and substrate protection in coatings, and aid in pigment dispersion and durability in paints. Trixene (solventborne and waterborne) blocked isocyanates are used as crosslinkers designed for one-component factory-applied heat-cured coatings.


Microbiological Protection for Paints with a Long Shelf Life

As one of the leading manufacturers of biocidal active ingredients and biocide formulations, the LANXESS Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit is featuring its comprehensive range of Preventol® biocides, proven to enhance in-can preservation and extend dry-film protection. The preservatives help protect wood coatings, emulsion paints, coatings and plasters from microbial attack.