GEO Specialty Chemicals is exhibiting at the ECS for the first time following its acquisition of the Bisomer® Monomer business from BASF. GEO is featuring its expanded product offerings to the European coatings and adhesives market, in particular its novel TRI-REZ™ polyester and DMPA® polyols, and its extensive range of specialty acrylic monomers.

Bisomer BZMA (Benzyl Methacrylate) is the latest addition to the Bisomer range of specialty methacrylates. Its key properties of low viscosity, hydrophobicity and high refractive index make it ideal for a wide range of applications such as adhesives, composites, sealants and optical fibers. It is an excellent option for customers looking to reduce styrene from their formulations and it has good compatibility with unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, acrylic and methacrylic monomers.

GEO is also featuring TRI-REZ 1030-90 polyester polyol, a polyol particularly well suited for formulating low-VOC PUDs using a solvent-free melt process. TRI-REZ 1030-90 is a low-viscosity, non-crystalline polymeric diol that has very good compatibility with pre-neutralized DMPA. Blends of TRI-REZ 1030-90 and pre-neutralized DMPA are clear solutions at low processing temperatures (50-60 °C), giving PUD manufacturers the combined advantage of adding isocyanates at a controllable temperature and maintaining product consistency. While most PUD formulations contain chain-extending diols to aid in film properties, PUDs formulated with TRI-REZ 1030-90 exhibit excellent film-forming characteristics, block resistance and optical clarity. Properties such as these make TRI-REZ 1030-90 a tool for formulating PUDs designed for textile, leather or even wood floor applications.

 For more information visit GEO Specialty Chemicals in Hall 4, Stand 659.