At Booth 926, Myriant is featuring Myrifilm®, a biobased, ultra-low-odor coalescing agent whose efficiency enables lower use levels than traditional coalescing agents in many formulations. Because it is zero-VOC, Myrifilm allows the formulation flexibility needed to meet the most stringent environmental compliance regulations while maintaining desired coating performance. Myrifilm can be used in a wide variety of resins and works particularly well in higher-Tg resins, resulting in superior coating performance.

As VOC regulations have become increasingly stringent, formulators face the challenge of balancing performance, cost and compliance. To solve this problem, resin suppliers have developed lower-Tg resins, with reduced VOC, but often with higher costs. Myrifilm allows the formulator to work with more traditional, lower-cost, higher-VOC resins. This results in VOC-compliant coatings that maintain finished paint performance and minimize increased cost.

Features and benefits include:

  • High efficiency allows lower use levels with comparable performance;
  • Effective in a broad range of resins, including higher Tg, allowing formulation flexibility;
  • Zero-VOC;
  • Very low odor; and
  • Derived from renewable materials, resulting in reduced environmental footprint.