At Booth 221, Vencorex presents its long-term strategic ambition based on focusing its activities toward specialty isocyanates, including HDI, IPDI, derivatives and new products.The company’s objective is to strengthen its worldwide position in the aliphatic isocyanates business, and plans to enhance its footprint on production capabilities, commercial activities and R&D innovation towards the following configuration:

  • Tolonate™ production facilities on three main continents ready to serve the global market. Vencorex already has these at Pont De Claix, France, and Freeport, TX, with an additional facility being implemented in Thailand, starting in 2015.
  • Pont De Claix will continue to be the production hub of HDI and IPDI monomers with significantly larger capacity and expansion in new products.
  • Global sales and marketing will be strengthened to capture growth opportunities and better serve international customers.
  • R&D capabilities in France will be further developed to support this strategy through the innovation of new products and applications.

With these initiatives, Vencorex will implement several industrial projects with the objective to sustain its position as a leading global partner for specialty isocyanates in the coming years. Its strategic ambition is supported by both shareholders – PTTGC and Perstorp.