Five businesses within The Dow Chemical Co. (Dow) have developed a broad portfolio of enhanced performance technologies that are highlighted at Booth 807. Dow Coating Materials, Dow Construction Chemicals, Dow Consumer & Industrial Solutions, Dow Epoxy and Dow Microbial Controlare all present to discuss and showcase these collaborative innovations.

Dow Coating Materials (DCM) is showcasing technology innovations that include FORMASHIELD™ 12 100% acrylic binder, a waterborne binder that offers active formaldehyde removal from ambient air when painted on walls of a room; RHOPLEX™ EZ Clean 1500 acrylic emulsion, a binder with advanced stain beading technology that helps make it fast and easy to clean up tough liquids; and EVOQUE™ pre-composite polymer technology, the 2013 winner of the U.S. EPA Green Chemistry Award.

Dow Construction Chemicals (DCC) offers a range of coating and construction chemical technologies that help facilitate high-performance, sustainable and energy-efficient products in the building and construction industry. DCC is showcasing painter’s caulk and other sealant formulations made with RHOPLEX™ 4400 polymer technology, which can be freed of the effects of plasticizer, resulting in reduced glossing, paint discoloration and mildew pick-up. In addition to its plasticizer-free benefits, RHOPLEX 4400 polymer also facilitates ultra-low formaldehyde, APEO-free, low-VOC formulations.

Dow Consumer and Industrial Solutions (DC&IS)will highlightAMP™ 95 multifunctional neutralizer technology, which offers benefits throughout the coating life cycle.AMP 95 offers exceptional performance, low odor, excellent base strength, efficient pigment dispersion and enhanced scrub resistance. DC&IS also offers additional compounds that offer unique benefits to formulators, such as oxygen and moisture scavenging, corrosion inhibition, and improved wetting. These specialty additives are sold under the trade names DMAMP-80™, ALKATERGE™ FLEXITANE ™, HYDROGUARD™ and ZOLDINE™.

Dow Epoxy is featuring differentiated products for civil engineering applications as part of its line of D.E.R.™ epoxy resins and diluents, and D.E.H.™ curing agent. The business is showcasing technology that can help enhance performance and ease-of-application through benefits such as strong chemical resistance to protect tank linings and secondary containment applications, low-emission technologies to enable healthier indoor spaces, low-temperature-curing products to help extend application seasons, and rapid curing epoxies to reduce application time. The portfolio also offers solvent-free technologies, being manufactured without added solvent, including options for REACH-compliant curing systems with improved performance. The epoxy business is also showcasing the company’s specialty line for industrial coatings, the OUDRA™ Series of resins and curing agents designed to help protect a wide range of assets from extreme conditions, while balancing the need for performance, respect of the environment and value. The OUDRA line can bring many benefits to formulators, including:

  • Corrosion-resistant coatings capable of withstanding extreme conditions;
  • Solvent-free formulation capability to help meet environmental and performance goals;
  • Technology to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures; and
  • Damage-tolerant, flexible solutions.


Dow Microbial Control (DMC) offers a portfolio of in-can and dry-film biocides designed to help protect products from microbial contamination. DMC is highlighting plant hygiene solutions, featuring DOWICIL™ QK-20 antimicrobial, the fast-acting solution for clean-up of equipment, raw materials, wash water and finished products.

Eleven Dow experts will deliver technical presentations at the show on coatings industry topics, including “Smart Coatings for Improving Indoor Air Quality” and “Designed Hybridization: A Paradigm Shift in New Latex Polymer Coatings.” In addition, Dow experts will share presentations highlighting breakthroughs in sag/flow balance, deck and concrete restoration, and materials and techniques for better application in architectural coatings.

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