NORTH WALES, PA - Fabric finishing company TSG Finishing LLC has introduced a new program called QuickFinish that is designed to offer expedited service for stain repellent and backing treatments.

“Lead times are tight and many orders depend on how fast the customer can get their products. Our customers need a fast option on basic finishes, and we are answering that need,” said Bud Styles, Director of Sales for TSG.

Goods received before noon for the QuickFinish program will ship out in two days for stain repellent only and three days for stain repellent and backing combination.

TSG is currently offering one type of repellent and one type of backing. “Our plan is to add more processes to our QuickFinish program as demand increases, but the most important thing right now is getting our customers a QuickFinish option,” added Styles.

While TSG will still be offering its suite of finishes for other applications, this will be one additional service that will help fabric mills, designers and manufacturers hit those tight delivery windows critical to their business.