HICKORY, NC – TSG Finishing LLC has completed its conversion on all fluorocarbon finishes to C6 ahead of schedule. All water and stain-repellent finish options throughout TSG will now be using the more environmentally friendly C6 versions.

 “Though it was a tough conversion, we have been able to make the transition with little or no loss to performance,” says Bud Styles, Director of Sales for TSG.

These finishes, available in both branded and un-branded versions, are designed to provide varying degrees of repellency, permanence, soil and stain release based on the end use and requirements to be met. The number of branded fluorocarbon finishes that TSG currently carries stands at four (Nanosphere®, Greenshield®, Teflon® and Synpel®). Each brand contains many different versions that are specifically designed to perform based upon customers’ specific requirements.

According to Styles, “Our C6 formulations and special application techniques provide the widest variety of water and stain resistance while minimally affecting the fabric’s physical attributes such as hand, softness and dimensionality. Our unique methods of application are less likely to cause color shift, bleeding of unstable dyes or shrinkage in delicate fabrics. Certain methods even allow water and stain repellency to be added to high loft fabrics such as chenille, boucle, velvet, and others that do not respond to conventional treatments.”

TSG Finishing currently has three finishing plants (in Hickory and Conover, NC) that are dedicated to the enhancement of textile products.