WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, MI - Saint Clair Systems Inc., Washington Township, MI, has purchased the assets of Norcross Corp., a Massachusetts-based viscosity-control company. Saint Clair Systems President C. Robert Gladstone believes the combination of technology and experience shared by the two companies provides additional opportunities to serve existing customers and a significant opportunity to expand into new markets.

“We had worked with Norcross on a few projects in the past and always thought that they would make a good business partner for us,” said Gladstone. “We have been controlling viscosity using temperature since 1990. They have been supplying viscosity measurement and control systems since the 1930’s.  Each is effective and appropriate for different environments and processes, but the opportunity to combine those technologies will improve and expand the solutions we are able to provide.”

Gladstone also noted that Saint Clair Systems will benefit from the Norcross’ international sales network. “Norcross has a large international sales network. While we have been increasing our international sales, most have been handled directly from here in Michigan. With the addition of the Norcross global sales and service network, we will be able to focus more of our energy outside of the U.S. immediately,” he said.