WOHLEN, Switzerland – Sulzer Metco is strengthening its services for customers in the oil and gas industry. The company recently expanded its coating technology service platform to more effectively cater to unconventional drilling operations, delivering enhanced performance and efficiency to customers. Sulzer Metco’s full range of services includes knowledge assessment, technical recommendations, installation and training, and sales and after-sales support through its network of experienced sales and technical staff. Company personnel are readily available via multiple Coating Solutions Centers (CSC) and its newly established department for Technical Customer Support (TCS). Using hands-on consultation to select the optimal solutions based on part geometry, surface wear, and the geological formation being drilled, this process brings increased efficiency and reduced authority for expenditure (AFE). With numerous locations around the world, the company offers local support backed by a global knowledge network.

Sulzer Metco’s services complement the company’s expanding range of technology solutions that combine a range of coating materials, technologies and expertise, from a single source. The company’s technologies include thermal spray, laser cladding and plasma transferred arc welding, and thin film processes that are designed to enhance the rate of penetration and minimize well delivery time.

Thermal spray technologies include high-velocity oxy-fuel coating, which is optimum for components with low-impact exposure, such as mandrels, motor rotors, bearings and pumps. Sulzer Metco also specializes in coatings for high-pressure/high-temperature environments and high-impact parts, such as drill string stabilizers. This includes laser cladding, as well as Mig and PTA welding. In particular, Sulzer Metco recently launched MetcoClad™ systems, laser cladding systems that can be customized to meet individual manufacturer needs for processing a variety of component sizes, geometries and weights.