LEBANON, IN – American Ultraviolet has acquired Al’s Co. UV Curing Equipment Inc. in Chino, CA, and Press Specialties Mfg. Inc. in Apple Valley, CA. The newly acquired companies manufacture off-line UV roller coaters, feeders and stackers that compliment American Ultraviolet’s complete line of UV-curing equipment. Similar to American Ultraviolet, 100% of the acquired companies’ products are made in the United States. Future manufacturing will be consolidated into American Ultraviolet’s West Coast facility in Torrance, CA.

The acquisition of Al’s Co. UV increases American Ultraviolet’s product offering, adding standard UV roller coaters from 20” to 80” as well as smaller and larger custom UV roller coaters. They can be purchased individually or with optional feeders and stackers.

Albert Nuño, founder of Al’s Co. UV, noted, “After a 10-year career developing UV products for another large California-based company, I started Al’s Co. UV when my former company chose to move manufacturing oversees. Now, four years later, I’m proud to align with American Ultraviolet, a company that has been committed to manufacturing high-quality UV products in the U.S. since 1960.”

Press Specialties was formed in the 1950s and purchased by Ron Young in 1995. Young commented, “After producing hundreds of paper and envelope feeders and stackers for 19 years, I’m excited about this new relationship with Mr. Meredith Stines and all his colleagues at American Ultraviolet, a company with a strong reputation for high standards for quality manufacturing and service, and pleased to know that our products will continue to be made in California.” Paper feeders range in sheet sizes from 5” X 7” to 30” X 40” and envelope feeders from 3” x 5” to 10” x 15”.

Since 1960, American Ultraviolet has manufactured UV-curing systems for use throughout the world. American Ultraviolet is headquartered in Lebanon, IN, and all equipment is manufactured in the United States. Offices are also located in Hackettstown, NJ; Frederick, MD; Woodstock, GA, and Torrance, CA.