Valspar’s WeatherXL Crinkle Finish delivers the same durability as WeatherXL, but offers unique performance that users can see and feel. The textured appearance redirects light for enhanced visual depth, promising a step-change enhancement over flat-panels’ appearance.

The finish has been responsively designed to create a shifting and shimmering effect that mirrors the eye’s natural horizontal motion with the texture. Ranging from standard colors such as charcoal and rural red, to premium colors like silver sage and gallery blue, WeatherXL Crinkle Finish boasts an array of color options to fit any project. The coating also features strong color retention that meets current solar reflective (SR) standards for Energy Star ratings.

Formulated with an enhanced WeatherXL silicone polyester resin system to deliver maximum hardness, the coating delivers superior quality for unrivaled performance against chalking, fading and scratching, making it ideal for commercial and residential, agricultural and industrial buildings, metal roofing and wall panels.