DALLAS - ChemicalInfo, provider of online databases for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, announced its services have undergone a transformation that improves the way companies can get the information they need.

The company has unveiled its new online services, which were retooled from a series of online directories to a single, searchable Google-like database with over 350,000 chemicals and 12,000 producers. The search algorithm has a "LinkedIn feel," enabling chemical producers in the databases to compete for the attention of ChemicalInfo subscribers through a “profile completeness” score. This innovative concept will incentivize 12,000 producers to upload more company information, which is then approved by the ChemicalInfo Research team, to stay relevant and at the top of ChemicalInfo database search results.

In addition, ChemicalInfo has partnered with PIERS to include helpful import/export data. ChemicalInfo subscribers have one-click access to where a company ships its products, how much they ship and much more. Additional features include government regulatory information, more patents, more synthesis paths and significantly enhanced contact records.

“We have invested significant capital and seven months of development into this project, with two major goals,” said company CEO Ernie Cote. "First, we added a ton of valuable content that our subscribers will love - more contact information, more certifications, more patents and import/export data. Second, we made it incredibly easy to search and slice-and-dice all this data so that our subscribers in procurement can more easily source, and so that our subscribers in sales can more easily identify new markets. Our team is genuinely excited about the data and functionality we can now provide our subscribers.”

For more information about ChemicalInfo’s new online services, visit ChemicalInfo's NextGen page on the company website.