Benjamin Moore has released a new specialty coating formulated with Vinyl-Lock technology that provides superior adhesion to vinyl siding. The company rolled out the new coating to Benjamin Moore retailers throughout the Northeast and Midwest.

A brand extension, Regal® Select Exterior REVIVE™ is available in hundreds of colors using a proprietary formulation with Vinyl Lock technology in a low-luster finish. Offering easy application, the coating is durable and washable.

Features include: high durability that fully covers previous color or faded areas; resistance to cracking, peeling and fading that also helps prevent buckling or warping over time; and hundreds of color options that are safe for vinyl, from the palest pastels to the deepest earth tones. The coating is VOC compliant (36 grams per liter and 0.30 lbs per gallon) in all regulated areas and available in the South Coast and areas of California that follow the 2007 suggested control measures.

Coverage of the coating is 350-450 square feet per gallon at a recommended film thickness of 4.0 mils, wet or 1.7 mils, dry.  Surface preparation involves cleaning, either by power wash or hand scrubbing. In most cases, a primer is not necessary except in areas that are pitted or have porous vinyl siding.

The company recommends two applications of the coating, and application can be accomplished with a brush, roller or sprayer (airless spray with fluid pressure at 1,500 to 2,500 PSI and tip with a .013 - .017 orifice). Dry time at 77 °F is 2-4 hours to touch and 4 hours for recoat.

Safety data for the new coating is available, along with more product information, at

With the release of the new coating, the company unveiled a video promoting Regal® Select Exterior REVIVE™. The video takes a whimsical look at the conventional notion that vinyl siding cannot be painted. A family wants to move into a neighborhood that has everything they want, except for the drab colors of the vinyl-sided homes in the area. They want the colors of their own home to brighten their street up a little. Of course the simplest way to achieve that aim would be to paint new colors of their choice over the vinyl siding of an existing house, but they lack awareness of a paint product with a wide choice of colors that are safe for existing vinyl. Their lack of knowledge leads them to a novel architectural solution that seems fun and exciting at first, but has some inherent pitfalls. Click on the link to see the great idea they came up with to brighten up their neighborhood, and see what happens after they shockingly discover an easier way to fix faded or outdated vinyl siding.