Interline® 975P is a new solvent-free, single-coat potable water lining solution that has been introduced into the North American water and wastewater market. Formulated as a two-component, 100% volume solids, zero-VOC amine cured epoxy tank lining, the coating reduces solvent emissions and eliminates the risk of solvent retention, which can influence water quality. The absence of benzyl alcohol further minimizes the occurrence of taste or smell in potable water tanks during storage. When applied to the correct specifications, Interline 975P conforms to the NSF/ANSI Standard 61* international standard for the storage of potable water.

With a simple 2:1 mix ratio (by volume), the coating provides additional corrosion protection to steel storage tanks and pipelines exposed to a wide range of cargoes including crude oil and a variety of other hydrocarbons.

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*Conforms to NSF Standard for tanks larger than 50 gallons and pipework greater than two-inches (5cm) in diameter.