TRENDCAST Styling Directions 2014 is a comprehensive portable tool kit created to help designers of appliances, outdoor furniture, electronics, recreational equipment and other products identify the colors, textures and surfaces they need.

The colors in the TRENDCAST Styling Directions 2014 tool kit reflect the latest trends in colors, effects and tactile sensations for coated surfaces based on a consensus of 35 PPG global color experts from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Together, the experts have analyzed design trends and consumer preferences across geographic and product markets to determine the factors that influence future color choice. The result is a palette of textures and 38 colors – ranging from delicate pastels and soft neutrals to playful mixes of bold, bright tones – organized under four distinct themes.

In addition to a brochure covering global color trends, TRENDCAST Styling Directions 2014 contains a variety of tactile objects and effects to help customers connect with consumers and further engage their own creative instincts. The kit also features Web-based palettes for quick color referencing and a sample request program.