HAMBURG, Germany - The LANXESS High Performance Elastomers unit has transferred its distribution business in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to KRAHN CHEMIE Polska. The core products of this division are the technical rubber products CR, EVM, NBR and HNBR.

The portfolio of the High Performance Elastomers business unit includes Baypren® polychloroprene rubber, Therban® HNBR, the ethylene-vinyl acetate rubbers Levapren® and Levamelt® and the NBR types Perbunan®, Krynac® and Baymod N®. The main fields of application for the products are in automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, the construction industry, gas and oil exploration and production, and the electrical and cable industries. The high-performance elastomers are also used as modifiers for raw materials for plastics and adhesives.

In addition to the synthetic rubbers from LANXESS, the KRAHN CHEMIE Polska portfolio for the rubber processing industry also includes epichlorohydrin rubber (ECO), CPE, EPDM, FKM as well as additives and plasticizers.