AVON, OH – Maroon Group, Avon, OH, has appointed Brian Wilson to be the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Wilson brings to his new position expertise with Fortune 500 and private-equity-owned companies.

Prior to joining Maroon Group, Wilson was the Treasurer and Director of Financial Reporting at The Kenan Advantage Group (formerly DistTech Inc.), a private-equity-owned bulk transportation and logistics provider with $1.5 billion in sales. The financial knowledge Wilson gained from working with private-equity firms, managing mergers and acquisitions, and conducting financial reporting for banks and investors over the past two decades correlates with Maroon’s strategic vision of growth.

“Brian Wilson brings a wealth of financial experience to Maroon Group LLC,” said Mark E. Reichard, President and CEO of Maroon Group. “He has an extensive background and successful tenure in all areas of financial management, credit relationships and executive team support. He understands the path we hope to follow as organic growth and strategic expansion remain our focus.”