WESTLAKE, OH - Q-Lab Corp. announced that its laboratories in Homestead, FL, and Saarbrücken, Germany, now offer contract testing services for automotive corrosion tests requiring relative humidity control. These tests include GMW 14872, SAE J2334, and many others from Ford, ISO, GB/T, VW, Volvo, Chrysler, and Renault.

Earlier this year, Q-Lab released its new Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion tester, which allows for the control of relative humidity during test cycles. Q-FOG CRH corrosion testers can perform traditional salt spray and Prohesion®, and meet most major international and automotive corrosion test standards.

This capability has now been added to Q-Lab Florida and Q-Lab Deutschland as part of their fully equipped, ISO 17025-accredited contract testing laboratories. The labs provide expert, cost-effective accelerated testing services to customers throughout the world. They also include multiple QUV weathering, Q-SUN xenon arc, and standard salt spray and cyclic Q-FOG corrosion test chambers. Color, gloss and other expert visual evaluation services are also available.